Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Enjoy a Tour to Alicante

Alicante is one of the wonderful cities in Spain and a visit to this city would let you experience true pleasure. It is great fun to explore the bustling markets there. A few more things to do are visiting the attractions of Alicante on a Segway, the Alicante airport, the castle and shopping in El Corte Ingles. Having a lunch in Alicante Marina is also a wonderful option to be enjoyed. The historical buildings and the buzzing cities would make your summer holiday. Do not forget enjoying Segway. This is a two wheel electronic scooter. You can stand up on, and ride along the roadway. The breeze you would experience there would never let you forget the pleasure. You can drive your own Segway, the escort can instruct you on how to drive.

One of the other attractions that you must visit is Alicante Castle. This is a tenth Century Moorish Castle and it is located at the peak of a mountain dominating the city. You are not even required to purchase a ticket as this is free to visit. You can walk up, but the best idea to enjoy the place is to use a lift in the cliff edge. You can view extremely stunning and fabulous scenes from the castle. And, do enjoy the little café dominating the gorgeous capital selling Tapas, and ice creams. Planning to come back without visiting El Corte Ingles is never recommended. This is a big chain store over a number of floors with departments for instance, home ware, kids clothes, toys, fashion bags, perfumes, music, movies, literature, women's clothes, menswear and a lot more.

You can purchase a very good quality swimming suit for fifteen euros or a top designer swimming suit for two hundred euros. Last but surely not least is to walk through the market after lunch. Situated just at the back of the marina, in the tree lined walkway it is a fabulous way to walk off your food. The marketplace offers different products, such as jewelry, leathers products, and South American drums.

If you hire a car to any of the destinations you want to visit, you would be safe from pick pocketers but be aware of them while you are on a beach.