Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 5 Things To Do In Alicante

Last summer I had a wonderful day out in the city of Alicante. The shopping is to die for, the historical buildings plentiful, and the buzz of a hectic Spanish city, not forgetting eateries in abundance makes it a very pleasant change from the beach or pool on your summer holiday. Alicante is situated on the north Costa Blanca coast. Traditionally the coast that the Spanish used for their summer holidays, when you visit Alicante it feels like real Spain. There are several things that are a 'must' when visiting Alicante:

1. Sightseeing tour of Alicante on a Segway

2. Alicante Castle

3. Shopping in El Corte Ingles

4. Lunch in Alicante Marina

5. Alicante market on the tree lined promenade by the sea

First is a tour of Alicante on a Segway. Hilarious, fun, and definitely number one on the list of 'things to do' in Alicante. A Segway is a two wheel electronic scooter that you stand up on, and ride along the pavement. On a hot and sunny day the breeze is very welcoming. You all get to drive your own Segway, the tour guide teaches you how to, then off you go in convoy throughout the city of Alicante seeing the sights in a few hours.

I would then head off to Alicante Castle a 10th Century Moorish Castle which sits on the top of a mountain"0Spanish city has one, and it is "the" shop to go to. El Corte Ingles is a huge department store over several floors with departments such as, homeware, children clothes, toys, handbags, cosmetics, music, films, books, women's clothes, menswear, and similar to Selfridges in that you can buy a high street swimsuit for 15 euros or a top designer swimsuit for 200 euros.

Alicante Marina is really quite posh; there are boats there that cost more to fill with fuel than my house costs to buy! Having said this, the restaurants are very down to earth, selling excellent fresh food. Forth on my top five things to do in Alicante would definitely be eat lunch at the Marina. Alicante Marina is also a good place to go for a drink and dance of an evening.

Last but certainly not least is to wander through the market after lunch. Located just behind the marina in the tree lined promenade it is a great way to walk off your meal. The market sells various products, ranging from jewellery, dream catchers, leathers bags and belts, and South American drums.

The only thing I would say to be wary of in Alicante is pick pocketers especially on the beach, apart from that it is a fabulous day out on your holiday in the Costa Blanca.

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